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7 thoughts on “Customer Service

  • Do you still Carry “Relaxagent”?

    I used to order thru the mail and I still have an Order Form
    that shows Relaxagent (6- Packs) @ 26.50.

    But, I can not find it on your Website.

    Please let me know where I can purchase this product and the cost?

    Thank you,

    Peggy Van Wagenen

  • Hello Peggy, Relaxagent will be in stock in June 2015. The price at this time is estimated $10/tube and will remain that as long as the manufacturing expense remains consistent. Thanks for loving the Longevity products!

  • File Number: #174144

    Subject: Getty Images/Longevity Pure Medicine #174144

    Settlement Offer: $910.00

    Our office has already attempted to contact you on numerous occasions to resolve our client’s claim of the unauthorized use of their protected imagery. Please be aware that copyright legislation provides for strict liability, regardless of your level of knowledge or intent. You have been previously forwarded the website and URL where our client’s image appeared. As the end user, your company is ultimately responsible to ensure that the appropriate licenses or rights to the image(s) have been obtained. Please be aware that if you hired a third party web developer to design your website, your company is still responsible to ensure that the images that appears on your website have been licensed. Additionally, if you have purchased or acquired images from a subscription service or a website that provides templates you are still liable to ensure that the imagery appearing on your website has been purchased.

    Kindly advise of your intention within 10 days. If we do not hear back from you within that time we will have no other choice than to assume that you do not wish to amicably resolve this matter with our office and we will return the file to our client’s legal department for further evaluation and escalation. Please be aware that the payment options in the attached file are no longer available for your use and all payments must be made through our office.

    Thank you,

    NCS IP Solutions

    PO Box 50276

    Sarasota, FL 34232

    T(941)371-9900 ext 217 or 220


    This is an effort to effect a settlement and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

  • As a courtesy to The Getty where I was employed for several years in Los Angeles and to the Getty family for whom I have great affinity and gratitude for the wonderful enhancement to my life and the lives of so many around the world, as soon as I received notice of the supposed copyright violation I replaced the disputed image ( At the time, this issue was mentioned to Andrew Getty who has since passed away.

    I have responded repeatedly in the past to this claim of supposed copyright violation. The Getty legal and collections contractors have not provided adequate evidence that the appropriate licenses or rights to the image(s) were not obtained; or even valid proof that The Getty currently owns the image; or that The Getty owned the image at the time that I obtained license to use it.

    In any case, this is an issue of harassment at this point and violation of collections rules. Do not attempt contact regarding this issue again.


  • I have used the Cold and Flu formula since 1995. It works every time. Great Product. When will it be back in stock? Thanks.

  • Cold & Flu is an awesome product. The availability is a constant issue. When it is available we will notify all of our customers.

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